In 2007 Koomerang Ski Club, incorporating the Scotch College Ski Club, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

As part of this celebration, a history was published which has been updated from the history last published in 1997/1998.

The Club has grown from a small group of enthusiastic and visionary skiers to a thriving Club which offers its members excellently located facilities at each of our four main resorts.

The strength of Koomerang is not just our facilities but our members. Koomerang is not just a Club offering accommodation to old boys of Scotch College but includes as members many wives, daughters, and sons of old boys. The Club is run by an elected committee of members and the Committee has always reflected the range of members and has had two female Presidents.

The Club has been fortunate over the years in having many active volunteers on the Committee all offering differing areas of expertise such as building, property, financial, administration and legal. We have been fortunate that the vision of original members has been carried on by successive Committees which have always managed to not only look after day-to-day operations but to plan for the future of the Club.

The members, both past, and present, who have contributed to making Koomerang what it is today are too numerous to mention. This brief history is our way of recording our achievements and expressing our appreciation to them.

I would also like to express appreciation on behalf of our members to our life member and Honorary Secretary, now General Manager, Doug Draffin, who gladly accepted the task of chasing contributions and updating this history.

Nigel Watson


(Adapted from Nigel Watson’s 2007 Introduction to the Koomerang History and 50th Celebration in 2007)

The full history as compiled is part of the document Excerpts from the Koomerang Ski Club 50th Anniversary Dinner from 2007.

History and the 50th celebration

One year after this momentous occasion, the Committee realised that many members of the club had little or no knowledge of its’ inception as the Scotch College Ski Club back in the 1920’s.

The following document is the Committee’s latest effort to further enhance our knowledge of the rich history of skiing at Scotch College.

Scotch Ski Club History