For further membership enquiries, please contact the Membership Secretary 


Old Boys, and current or past teachers, of Scotch College are eligible to join.

The spouse, parents, children and brothers/sisters of an Old Boy, or current/past teacher, who is a Full member of Koomerang, are also eligible to join as Full members or Junior Family members (children under 18).

Current Scotch schoolboys are eligible to join as Junior Schoolboy members of Koomerang Ski Club.

The club has over 650 members.

A guest of a member cannot be booked unless the member responsible for the booking is present. Members pay a much lower bed rate than guests; there are discounted rates for children of members or siblings, who are under 18, of Junior members.

Adult Memberships

The categories of adult membership will now comprise:


Full members enjoy booking rights at member rates and can invite guests to stay at any of our four lodges at guest rates. Eligibility is for Old Scotch Boys and their close family only.

Full (restricted)

Open to any person eligible for full membership and who is over the age of 18 but under the age of 27. They will not be required to pay any entrance fee until converting to full membership and will only pay a subscription equal to 50% of the full member subscription. These members will have full booking rights but, must pay for their accommodation at adult guest rates less a 25% discount.

Full (senior)

Open to any current member over the age of 65. The subscription is half the full member subscription, and they retain full booking rights but over the winter peak season would pay accommodation at adult guest rates less a 25% discount.


Category is for members who no longer wish to be able book over the winter season. Any full member is eligible to become an associate member or, any person otherwise eligible for full membership can apply for associate membership upon payment of a reduced entry fee of $250. Please note that an associate member is not able to transfer to a full member without paying further fees.

Contact the Membership Secretary for details.


A member who because of distance is unable to use our facilities may apply for absentee membership at a reduced subscription. Contact the Membership Secretary for further details.

Junior Schoolboy

Category is open to any schoolboy at Scotch College. The annual subscription is being reduced from $102. These members have full booking rights for the Mount Buller Lodge and Falls Creek Flats but, they are only eligible to book in one accompanying adult as a guest at our Thredbo and Hotham Lodges.

If whole families wish to benefit from accommodation at member rates across all of our lodges, the parents of Junior schoolboy members should consider applying for full membership.

Junior Family

Category is open to any son or daughter of a full member. The subscription is $50 to encourage membership for each son and daughter of our full members.

Although junior family members do not have any booking rights, they will only pay member accommodation rates when booked in by their full member parent.

Entrance Fees

KSC charge an up-front entrance fee of $1,500 to represent a contribution by new members to the substantial assets built up for the club by other members over many years. This fee is non-refundable nor transferable. This fee can now be paid by three equal annual instalments and, provided each annual instalment is paid, the member will have full booking rights at member rates.

We also have further discounts on the entrance fee:

  1. A partner of a full member who wishes to become a full member will be entitled to a discount of $750 on the entry fee.
  2. A full restricted member upon becoming a full member will be entitled to a discount equal to $100 per annum up to a maximum of $500 for each year in which they paid their subscription as a full (restricted) member by the due date;
  3. Any existing junior schoolboy member who wishes to convert to full membership in 2022 will be entitled to the current discount of $25 for each year they were a junior member up to a total of $250.

Summary of Subscription Fees for 2022

To be eligible for $50 early bird discount, subscription fees for 2022 must be paid by 23 December 2021.

Full Member$438
Full Senior$219
Full Restricted$219
Junior Schoolboy$102
Junior Family$50