Summary – As of June 17th 2021

Coronavirus COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that can be easily transmitted from person to person. In order to stop the spread of this disease, it is necessary to put in place procedures to minimise the transmission risk and to ensure everyone is aware of these procedures and complies with them.

Koomerang’s COVID-19 Safe Operating Plan (‘Plan’) has been prepared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan details how the club has introduced a range of controls, in addition to its normal operations, to minimise the health and safety risks to members and guests accommodated in the Lodges during the 2021 winter season. It will be revised as conditions and restrictions change, communicated to members, and can be viewed on the club website.

The plan follows the 6 broad CovidSafe Principles recommended by health authorities:

1. Practice Social Distancing
Limit personal Contact
Maintain at least 1.5m from other people wherever possible
Control the number of people in a communal room/area in accordance with the density quotient (1 person for every 2sqm).
2. Wear a face mask

You must carry a face mask with you at all times when you are in the Koomerang’s lodges.
Current Vic Government regulations require masks to be worn indoors in communal lodge areas.
We strongly recommend you wear one whenever you cannot keep 1.5 metres distance from others.
3. Practice good hygiene

Wash hands regularly & thoroughly with warm water
Disinfect hands regularly with sanitiser
Cover mouth with elbow when coughing or sneezing
Manage your clothing and equipment to limit contact with others
Regularly clean & disinfect high touch surfaces
4. Keeps records and act quickly

Koomerang lodges have a specific Vic/NSW QR Code Service to record all members and guests visiting the lodges. It is mandatory to check in regularly (at least daily).
All members and their guests are required to record your check-in (check out in NSW) using the Service NSW/Victoria QR code. 
In the event of a positive Covid test result, the DHHS should be notified using the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 – open 24 hours, 7 days.
5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Minimise time in the kitchen and stagger cooking to allow all members to maintain physical distancing.
Do not enter the ski room if this will exceed the maximum capacity.
6. Create workforce (guest) bubbles

Room bookings are limited to one family/group
Bedrooms must only be occupied by the people who have booked them.
Use the bathroom allocated to your room
Limit organising events and social gatherings where possible within the lodge

There are sanitising stations installed strategically around the Lodges to assist members and their guests to comply with these requirements as well as advice in relation to cleaning requirements. There are also appropriate cleaning products located in the stores. 

Use and Occupation of Lodges

General requirements

Restrictions on attendance at Lodges

A member or their guest/s will not be permitted to attend the lodge if:

  • They are or have been infected with COVID19 and are not clear of the infection (i.e. COVID negative).
  • They have been or have returned from overseas immediately prior to visiting the Lodge and have not been through the required quarantine/isolation period and have not tested negative for COVID19.
  • They are subject to a quarantine notice, self-isolation notice or similar.
  • They have or may have been in contact with a known infected person and have not tested negative for COVID19 after the expiration of the incubation period (nominally 14 days).
  • They are unwell and/or are showing symptoms of COVID19 and have not tested negative or those test results are not yet available.

Due to various government restrictions and guidelines, the use of the Lodges during the COVID pandemic will change in the following ways:

Occupation of Lodge

  • There will be a restriction in the number of people using the Lodge at any one time.
  • There will be restrictions as to how internal spaces can be used.
  • There will be a greater focus on continuous cleaning and hygiene.
  • There will be requirements in the event that a member or guest is infected by COVID previously, whilst at the Lodge, or if they display COVID like symptoms.

Numbers using the Lodge

 Lodge Capacity

The government has advised that, within accommodation and other similar facilities, a minimum of 2 square metres is required for each person to ensure social distancing compliance in communal areas like dining, kitchen, lounges and skiing/drying areas.

The number of people allowed in each Lodge and areas of the Lodges has been calculated in accordance with this rule, and found on the full Covid plan on the club website. 

Communal areas

At Lodges with communal kitchen and dining areas, those areas should be staggered in “shifts” to maintain social distancing the 1 person per 2sqm ratio.  We recommend that only 1 person per family/group be in the kitchen at any one time. 

  • Subject to applicable government requirements, visitors are currently permitted to enter the lodge, provided they are invited and must complete the sign in with the QR Code each time they enter.

Contractors, deliveries and other workers are permitted to undertake required works, but must sign in with the QR Code.

Lodge Operations

Prior to Departure

Guests to undertake a symptoms self-assessment and confirm no member of the booking has a temperature or symptoms, prior to departure.

Check In
  • Check in can occur from 4pm each day.
  • Arriving guests must scan the QR code to record their arrival.
  • Each guest should complete the QR Code check in at least once per day during their stay.
Check Out
  • Guests must thoroughly clean and disinfect their room prior to the specified time at each Koomerang lodge.
  • In NSW guests are required checkout on the Service NSW App. 
On arrival
  • Hand sanitizer should be used when entering the lodge.
  • Any person displaying COVID symptoms (temperature, coughing, sore throat, tiredness) shall not be allowed to enter the lodge and must return home and seek medical advice.

Room Plans

The appendix of full Covid plan on the club website contains the specific lodge capacity limits, and please follow signage in the lodges for capacity limits. 

Lodge Entry / Exit
  • At the main entrance, Covid signage will indicate lodge capacity, mask requirements, physical distancing and good hygiene 
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entry foyer for use by everyone entering the lodge.
  • Guests must not enter the foyer if this will exceed the maximum capacity.
Ski Room & Drying Room
  • Members and guests must not enter the ski room if this will exceed the maximum capacity.
  • The washing machine/dryer shall only be used by one bedroom at once.
  • The outside surface of the washing machine, dryer, bench and laundry trough must be cleaned and disinfected after each use, as well as any other surfaces or switches touched.
  • Bedroom occupancy will be determined at the time of booking, no changes are to be made without approval of the Booking Liaison Officer.
  • Bedrooms must only be occupied by the people who have booked them.
  • On the day of departure, occupants are required to clean and disinfect their rooms in accordance with the cleaning guidelines and checklist.
  • It is a requirement that bedding that comes into direct contact with a customer (such as sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases) must not come into contact with others, and thus all guests must bring their own pillow cases, sheets, linen, sleeping bags or doonas. PLEASE NOTE if the guest does not bring their own sheet, they must use the displosable matterss protectors provided by the lodge. Members should dispose of used mattress protector on the day of departure. 
  • Should either of these not occur, the member must wash the lodge mattress protector and blankets and/or pillow they come into direct contact with.
  • If guests do not clean and disinfect their room as required, the Building Manager may arrange for the room to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the next check-in, and charge the responsible guests accordingly.


  • Ensuites will be stocked with hand soap and bathroom cleaning and disinfectant materials.
  • Occupants are required to undertake a “wipe down process” at least twice per day is achieved to minimize the risk of infection.
  • On the day of departure, occupants are required to clean and disinfect their ensuites in accordance with the cleaning guidelines and checklist.
Shared Bathrooms allocated to specific bedrooms
  • Sharing of bathrooms should be avoided where possible to minimise mixing of occupants, and guests should use the bathroom on their bedroom floor.
  • Occupants are required to undertake a “wipe down process” prior to and after each use.
  • On the day of departure, occupants are required to clean and disinfect their bathroom in accordance with the cleaning guidelines and checklist.
Kitchen and Meals
  • Members and guests are encouraged to bring pre-prepared meals or arrange to take away to minimise the use of the kitchen.
  • Members and guests should stagger their use of the kitchen to comply with the capacity limits and maintain a 1.5m spacing.
  • Hand sanitiser and disposable gloves are to be available within the kitchen area. 
  • Prior to the commencement of cooking the station/area is to be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe. At a minimum, all high touch areas are to be cleaned twice per day.
  • Tea towels are not provided, members please bring their own tea towels in 2021. 
  • On the day of departure, occupants are required to clean and disinfect the kitchen in accordance with the cleaning guidelines and checklist.

Dining Areas & Lounge Areas

  • Hand sanitizer is to be available within the dining and lounge area.
  • Furniture will be configured and spaced to achieve social distancing.
  • Where possible the number of people at a table is to be limited to 6 persons.
  • Tables, chairs, bench seats are to be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe immediately following any spillage and after dining has concluded.
  • On the day of departure, occupants are required to clean and disinfect the dining and lounge areas in accordance with the cleaning guidelines and checklist.

Cleaning and disinfecting is a critical control, and these protocols have been developed to minimise the risk of contamination of surfaces.


Members and guests are responsible for ensuring the communal areas of the Lodges are cleaned daily, and to a high standard, as this is an important strategy to minimise transmission risk. Not following this directive may lead to the Lodge being shut down. Sanctions may be applied to members or their guests in these instances (see Section 5 below for Sanctions).



  • Wash your hands using soap and water and dry with paper towel before and after undertaking any cleaning.
  • Use a hand sanitiser before putting on and removing gloves.
  • Use disposable gloves.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, or eyes.
  • Follow the directions on the containers, including appropriate use of PPE.
  • Dispose of gloves and mask after use.
Routine Cleaning
  • All common or shared areas of the lodge are to be cleaned once a day.
  • Routine cleaning is to follow the 2-in-1 process (defined as physical clean using a combined detergent and 1,000 ppm bleach solution made up daily from a concentrated solution) and include adding a disinfectant to all cleaning solutions.
High Touch Cleaning
  • Common and frequently touched surfaces are to be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe down at least twice a day in accordance with the cleaning schedule 
  • High-touch surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected more frequently, including:
  • eating and drinking utensils and storage receptacles
  • tables and chairs (including underneath)
  • kitchen and food contact surfaces
  • door, cupboard and refrigerator handles
  • handrails
  • tap handles
  • switches
  • TV Controls

Cleaning Checklists

Checklists are to be prepared to assist with cleaning, including:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms & Ensuites
  • Kitchen
  • Dining, Lounge and Games Rooms
  • Ski storage and Drying Rooms

Liability Waiver

The Committee has determined that it is unable to accept the risk of people contracting COVID- 19 within the lodge, and that members and guests must accept this risk by signing and returning the required Liability Waiver.

Members will be requested to provide the email addresses of all guests so that the Club can email the Liability Waiver to all members and guests staying at the Lodges. Members must assist the Committee in getting their guests to sign the Liability Waiver before the start of the booking.


Members and guests are responsible for following the requirements of this COVID Safe Plan. 

If you believe a person staying in the Lodge is not complying with the Plan, please report the breach to the Building Manager. 

Actions in the Event of COVID contamination in Lodge

Person Exhibiting Symptoms

  • If any person staying at the Lodge starts to feel unwell and exhibit the symptoms of COVID-19 and required to immediately self isolate and undertake a Covid test at a nearby testing station. Should the guest be unable to return home they are then required to self-isolate in their bedroom and advise the Lodge Manager and Building Manager. 
  • Advice can be obtained from the COVID-19 hotline (1800 675 398).
  • Normal activities can only resume after the guest receives a negative Covid test result advised by the DHHS.
  • In the event of a positive Covid test result the DHHS should be notified using the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 – open 24 hours, 7 days. 

Isolation Procedure

  • Members and guests who are staying in accommodation where their room and bathroom is shared only with the ordinary members of their household can self-isolate in that space (as long as 1.5m physical distancing can be maintained). Close contacts and other family members must also undertake a Covid test and isolate until the results are received and they are cleared by the DHHS to resume their activities. 
  • If that person is a minor their parent or guardian shall be responsible for the care of that minor and the parent or guardian will also be isolated. 
  • Members and guests who are staying in accommodation where their sleeping space or amenities are shared with others will be required to self-isolate. 
  • The Lodge Manager will as soon as practical inform all guests in the lodge of the risk of infection. And contact the DHHS Covid hotline. Additional cleaning may be required in the areas the potentially infected person has accessed.

Infection Confirmed Positive

If a person staying in or visiting a Lodge has or contracts COVID19, the following process will be undertaken:

  • The infected person will immediately be isolated and then transferred to suitable premises/accommodation/hospital. Transfer of the infected person will follow any specific requirements issued by the NSW or VIC Department of Health.
  • The infected person (or their family/friends) must supply their name and contact details without delay to the Building Manager.
  • In the event of a positive Covid test result the DHHS should be notified using the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 – open 24 hours, 7 days.
  • The Club will follow any directions issued by the Health Department or their delegate. The Department will be issued with a list of all occupants/contacts by the Building Manager without delay.
  • The Building Manager will organise a deep clean of the Lodge. No subsequent occupation will be permitted until such cleaning is complete.
  • All members of the Club will be advised of the infection.