Stage One Requests 2018

Please read the new and improved instructions for Stage One Requests carefully:

  • Please place your booking requests in order of preference to maximise your chance of obtaining your preferred dates.
  • If you would like to stay at the same time as another member, please place this information in the notes.
  • Each member is limited to one guest or immediate family only.
  • Each member is limited to 15 nights (whether booking in own name or as a guest of another member).
  • The maximum number of nights in a single booking request is 7 nights (can request more consecutive nights in a separate booking request).
  • Weekends must include a Friday and Saturday night.
  • A 20% discount will be applied to successful 5 or 7 day midweek bookings outside of school holidays. This is limited to 1 per member.
  • Stage 1 requests are not guaranteed until booking confirmation is sent at the end of the Stage 1 request period.
  • Members of the current committee, life members and participants of work parties in the previous year are all entitled to priority booking requests.
  • Members may place requests exceeding these guidelines (eg more guests) but will understand that requests adhering to the guidelines will take priority. If beds are available, the member will be allocated the request.

To read the full Koomerang Booking Guidelines please click here.