Stage One Requests 2021

If you have not paid your 2021 Annual Subscription Fees, you are ineligible for Stage One Requests.

  • Please place your booking requests in order of preference
  • If you would like to stay at the same time as another member, please place this information in the notes.
  • Each member is limited to one guest or immediate family only.
  • Each member is limited to 15 nights
  • The maximum number of nights in a single booking request is 7 nights.
  • Stage 1 requests are not guaranteed until booking confirmation is sent at the end of the Stage 1 request period.
  • Members of the current committee, life members and participants of work parties in the previous year are all entitled to 7 nights priority booking requests.
  • If members place requests exceeding these guidelines they may be requested to resubmit their requests or forfeit them.
  • Payment must be made by March 19th or the booking will be forfeited.

To read the full Koomerang Booking Guidelines please click here.

Koomerang Ski Club has a new Code of Conduct.

Please read and understand the key obligations below.


Members are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct when they join the Club, make bookings, and when using the Club’s Lodges. This includes:

  • Being respectful and considerate of all other Members and Guests
  • Assisting with lodge duties, as directed by the lodge manager
  • Respecting and caring for the Club’s facilities by:
    • using them safely
    • maintaining cleanliness and good hygiene at all times in common areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and bunk rooms.