2023 Buller Renovation EGM

  • All KSC members of all categories are welcome and encouraged to join this EGM, however only financial Life, Full (including Senior, Absentee and Restricted) and Associate KSC members are eligible to vote.
  • Voting will take place online using the Microsoft Polls application and in-person by a show of hands.

Date, Time & Location

  • Wednesday 6th December 2023 starting 19:00PM AEDT.
  • In-person in the Donaldson Boardroom, OSCA House, 1 Morrison Street, Hawthorn 3122 and;
  • Online using Microsoft Teams.

Resources & Forms


  1. Members must register online by clicking on the Registration Link which will open a new tab and take you to our Microsoft Teams registration form for this EGM.
  2. Please fill out your full name and email correctly and as matches your KSC booking system account. (Even though we already have your info in the booking system this is the way Microsoft Teams registration works and allows us to cross check to prove it is you).
  3. This form is to be used for attending in-person and online.
  4. Please register early to assist planning.
  5. Once you have successfully registered you will be sent a personalised “You’re registered…” email with a custom link for you to join the EGM on Microsoft Teams.
  6. If you lose your custom link you may re-register with the same details to obtain another.
  7. Please do not share your personalised “You’re registered…” email or custom link. It is for your use only.

Online Joining Instructions

  1. Once you have successfully registered you will receive an email with personalised link to join online using Microsoft Teams. There is also an .ics file you can use to add the event into your own calendar which will also include your personalised link.
  2. Once it is time to join the meeting click on your personalised link.
  3. Depending on the nature and configuration of your device and system your experience after clicking on the link may vary. If installed the Microsoft Teams application will typically load, or your default internet browsing application will start and you may be given a choice to ‘Download Microsoft Teams’, ‘Open in a web browser’ or ‘Open in Microsoft Teams’.
  4. If you don’t have Microsoft Teams installed it is fine to open and join online using the Microsoft Teams website within your web browser. You will need to give the Microsoft Teams website access to your camera and/or microphone if you wish to use them.

In-Person Attendance Instructions

  1. Please arrive no later than five minutes prior to the meeting start time.
  2. Access to the Donaldson Boardroom is via OSCA side entrance.

Online Meetings Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it cost to use Microsoft Teams? – It is free to join – you do not require a Microsoft licence or account.
  2. What sort of device do I need to use Microsoft Teams? – For best experience, especially interacting with online votes it is recommended to use a relatively modern desktop computer, laptop or tablet. It is possible to use a smart-phone however watching, listening and clicking on vote choices can be tricky.
  3. Do I need special software? – No. You can reliably use common and relatively up-to-date web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox without installing any additional software. (Safari not so much.) Alternatively you can choose to download, install and use the Microsoft Teams app on on Windows, Mac OS, iPad OS, iOS or Android.
  4. Will this interfere with my work Microsoft account? – No. If you already have a Microsoft account and/or Microsoft Teams installed neither will be impacted by joining this Microsoft Teams meeting online. You may choose to open the link using your already-installed Microsoft Teams and to join the meeting as a guest or with another Microsoft profile such as your work profile if given a choice.
  5. When should I join online? – It is usually best to sign on at least five minutes early. Microsoft Teams will put you into a ‘waiting lobby’ and one of the presenters will bring you into the meeting as soon as the meeting starts.